Florida Amendment 7 Peer Review

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Florida Supreme Court Affirms “Patients’ Right to Know” (December Litigation Quarterly 2008) After the passage of Amendment 7, the Florida Legislature implemented Section 381.028, Florida Statutes in an attempt to preserve the confidentiality of peer review records.

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act vs. Florida Constitution Amendment 7 PSQIA was enacted in 2005 with the goal of improving patient safety and health care quality by establishing a voluntary, confidential, and non-punitive system for the reporting of medical errors and near-miss data.

Under a broad construction of article X, section 25 of the Florida constitution, commonly referred to as Amendment 7, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that external peer review reports are discoverable and cannot be considered privileged in Edwards v. Larry D. Thomas, M.D., et al.

Florida Peer Review Statute. (1) It is the intent of the Legislature that good faith participants in the process of investigating and disciplining physicians pursuant to the state-mandated peer review process shall, in addition to receiving immunity from retaliatory tort suits pursuant to s. 456.073.

The Fifth Amendment limits on forced decryption and applying the ‘foregone conclusion’ doctrine

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Peer Review Is Threatened, but (P)So What: Patient Safety Organization Utilization in Florida After Amendment 7 as a Troubling Sign for PSQIA. MICHAEL ARNOLD∗ This Note considers the interaction between medical peer review, patient safety organizations (PSOs) and Florida’s Amendment 7, also known as the Patients’ Right to Know.

The meeting came two weeks after the mass shooting in Florida in which 17 people were killed. He referred us to a 2017 paper he coauthored that reviewed the available peer-reviewed research on gun.

Under Foster’s approach, a number of large states not on the current EPSCoR list—including Texas, Florida. NSF’s regular peer-review process. In 2015, Foster took a more heavy-handed approach to.

The Supreme Court of Florida’s endorsement of Amendment 7, also known as the Patient’s Right to Know Amendment, has raised a serious challenge for Florida hospitals and physicians. Previously protected peer review information may be subject to greater discovery in litigation.

[4] Yet, in his June 2018 peer-reviewed academic research paper. Robinson’s cautionary article in the Washington Law Review noted the extent to which various jurisdictions around the country were.

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For instance, removing Florida from the analysis caused. His own newspaper op-eds aren’t peer reviewed, and Lott admits that Regnery Press, his latest book publisher, does not use peer review.

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Law360, Los Angeles (April 18, 2016. review sessions with laboratory and medical experts, “many of whom joined our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board as a result, and are now working with us to.

In its September 7 announcement, Equifax stated that it detected the breach. Several states impose a maximum notification delay period, which varies from 15 days (California) to 30 days (Florida).

Elsewhere, it’s a federal law that’s at issue: Title IX of the 1972 Amendments to the Education Act. The school was facing a peer review by the NCAA, and it needed to show quick "progress" toward.

Matthew M. Carter II is Counsel for Ramos & Sparks Group, advising the firm on energy, business and economic development, organizational communications, and education matters.He served three years on the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) for the State University System. On the BOG, he served as a member of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee, the Audit Committee, the Facilities.

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Protect you peer review documents from discovery. PSWP documents receive federal protection from discoverability rather than the state protection discussed earlier. Thus, the PSWP approach is particularly helpful in states where peer review protection has been weakened either by statute (e.g., Florida Amendment 7) or case law (e.g., Kentucky).

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